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TSP Matching Funds Explained

May 5, 2021 2:15:56 PM

By Kurt Mears & Daniel Amiot, Advance Capital Management Financial Advisers

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Take These 6 Key Steps and Never Worry About Running Out of Money in Retirement

Apr 28, 2021 9:52:20 AM

Rest easy, dog food is off the menu. By that we mean you can ignore the extreme hyperbole surrounding fears about running out of money in retirement, such as the notion of having to eat Fido’s canned dinner.

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The Psychology of Retirement Spending

Apr 22, 2021 8:41:18 AM

Are you scared about spending your hard-earned financial assets? If so, you’re not alone.

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Social Security Basics for AT&T Employees

Apr 14, 2021 9:33:30 AM

Although Social Security is entirely separate from your AT&T benefits, it will be a major part of your retirement plan. For most AT&T employees, Social Security will provide 25%-50% of their retirement income. Therefore, it’s important to understand how this federal program works.

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Market Update: Signs Point to Strong Economic Growth in 2021

Apr 7, 2021 11:43:46 AM

Advance Capital Management’s president and chief investment officer, Christopher Kostiz, provides his key economic and market insights from the most recent quarter.

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Protecting Yourself from Elder Financial Abuse

Mar 31, 2021 7:12:36 AM

A loved one (a child, sibling, other relative or friend) tricks you into making large cash transfers, which starts to drain your retirement savings. Surely, that wouldn’t happen to you, would it?

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The Best Dates to Retire from FERS

Mar 24, 2021 10:29:05 AM

By Kurt Mears & Daniel Amiot, Advance Capital Management Financial Advisers

A common question federal employees ask us is this: I have heard there are “best” days of the year to retire from FERS – is this true? The answer is indeed, yes. In fact, the date you retire from FERS can carry significant importance based on your cash flow needs.

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Inflation Protection for Retirement Planners

Mar 17, 2021 10:06:25 AM

Something that hasn’t been high on the list of retirement risks for many years is inflation.

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Fixing Mistakes on Your Credit Report

Mar 10, 2021 12:20:16 PM

We all make mistakes. Fortunately for us, our mistakes don’t prevent other people from qualifying for a home loan or getting a job. But those kind of mistakes could show up on your credit report, which is why everyone should be vigilant about fixing them.

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Where to Find AT&T Benefit Advice in Retirement

Mar 3, 2021 11:56:05 AM

Exploring new places and new things is actually a way to learn more about yourself. As the poet T.S. Eliot put it: “The end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.”

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