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26 Must-Know Statistics about Estate Planning

Jun 13, 2019 9:25:37 AM

Do you have a will or an estate plan? Around half of you reading this said “no.” And of those of you who said “yes,” most haven’t updated their will or plan in some time. If there’s a common unaddressed problem in the financial plans of many adults of all income levels, it’s what to do about their assets when they’re gone.

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Where to Get Help with Caregiving

May 30, 2019 12:47:19 PM

WANTED: High-energy, extremely selfless and caring multitasker. Duties may include: negotiating the nation’s complex health system, arranging frequent trips to various medical facilities, maintaining a strict prescription schedule and daily tasks such as cooking, cleaning, dressing, bathing and other household chores. Required skills: strong communicator, high stress tolerance and ability to lift more than 20 pounds. Must have a valid driver’s license and must be willing to work long hours and available on short notice. Salary: N/A.

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Advance Capital Management Named to 2019 Best Places to Work List

Apr 17, 2019 1:09:20 PM

We love our clients.

We also love each other as a dedicated, hard-working team.

Therefore, it is with great pleasure to announce Advance Capital Management was recognized as a 2019 Best Places to Work for Financial Advisers by InvestmentNews magazine.

We were chosen as one of this year’s top-75 firms based on employer and employee surveys delving into everything from company culture, benefits, career paths and more.

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Spousal IRA: How Stay-at-Home Parents Can Save for Retirement

Dec 13, 2018 2:25:28 PM

There are many great reasons to be a stay-at-home parent. To name a few, it can make financial sense when you factor in the costs of daycare. You and your spouse don’t have to juggle two busy work schedules. And, most importantly, you get to spend valuable time with your children as they grow.

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Finding Joy in Growing Older

Aug 8, 2018 2:58:27 PM

People tend to become happier as they age. How can that change our perspective on how we live – and manage our money – today?

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Coping with the Loss of Friends

Jun 7, 2018 12:16:17 PM

When it comes to retirement planning, money issues typically get the most attention. Too often the important non-financial aspects of retirement are overlooked. One of which is the painful prospect of losing people we love as we age, including our friends.

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Does Paying Off Your Mortgage Before Retirement Make Sense?

May 16, 2018 8:28:42 AM

For decades now, owning a home has been considered a financial rite of passage in America. The hope is you buy a home early in your career and by the time you retire, you’ll pay off your mortgage and find yourself living in one of your most important nest eggs.

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Don’t Want to Quit Working in Retirement? Here’s How It Can Affect Your Financial Plan

Apr 19, 2018 7:38:50 AM

In 1945, a woman named Eleanor had a difficult choice to make. An employee at a company of which she was a major stakeholder was putting the company in jeopardy. She could either take the necessary steps to force the employee out, or potentially watch the company collapse during a very perilous time.

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How to Stay Motivated to Manage Your Wealth

Apr 5, 2018 7:55:37 AM

It’s no secret financial planning can help you grow wealth, reduce anxiety and gain confidence in your future.

But fear, impulsive spending habits, and a lack of knowledge and resources can all stand in the way.

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Debunking Common Estate Planning Myths

Feb 21, 2018 10:01:54 AM

Death is not often enjoyable to think about. But planning for it is an important part of managing your assets and ensuring your loved ones are protected.

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