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Apps and Online Tools for Retirement Living

July 14th, 2016 | 2 min. read

By Jacob Schroeder

Apps_and_Online_Tools_for_Retirement_-_image.jpgNeed help figuring out how you’ll spend your time once you retire? Or, want to get more enjoyment out of retirement? Look no further than your smartphone or tablet.

There are many apps and online tools that can assist you with the “living” part of retirement planning, from finding social activities in your area to finding a second career.

Here are some great online tools for people nearing or in retirement:

LIFE GUIDANCE: LifeReimagined

This website created by AARP features programs lead by experts, including authors and doctors, that are designed to help you answer the question: “what’s next?” Programs range from starting a business to rekindling your marriage. For additional costs, you can participate in live workshops and work with an actual ‘life coach.’

HEALTH: Lumosity

Physical activity is important, especially as you age, but don’t forget to exercise your brain. You should start a routine now, as many seniors suffer from cognitive diseases. Lumosity is a great app for keeping your brain healthy. It offers brain training exercises and games created by neuroscientists and game designers. They are designed to help keep your brain sharp and to improve cognitive function.


Looking for fun things to do this week, or thinking about moving to a new city and curious about the night life? Eventbrite allows you to search by location to find a wide array of events, such as art exhibits, dinner parties and creative workshops.


Sometimes, the hardest thing about getting out of the house is simply finding people to do things with. MeetUp helps you connect with other people in your area who share similar interests. You can search groups in your area by topic, from painting to biking to even religious practices.


This is a great tool for not only reading up on the news but also learning about specific topics and connecting with others. Flipboard is a mobile application that aggregates articles, blogs and other news pieces based on your preferred topics. You can create custom boards based on your specific interests, such as sports, gardening, politics and so on. You can also access and look at the boards of other users. This makes it easy to connect with like-minded people as well as share articles with friends and family.

WORK: Encore

If you would like to pursue a second career more for the purpose rather than the paycheck, then this is the site for you. provides information and resources to help people find work doing something they’re passionate about. You can find information on fellowship programs or find volunteer opportunities and available positions on various nonprofit job boards.

STAYING CONNECTED: Facebook, Skype, Twitter, LinkedIn

Whether you intend to travel the world or your loved ones live out of state, these social media tools are one of the best ways to stay connected. Social media sites allow you to share photos, talk on screen, send messages and simply stay connected with people you know. They also help you network with people in your area and from around the world.

CALENDAR: Google Calendar

It’s more than just a tool for keeping track of daily activities. You can create alerts for important tasks, such as taking your medicine. You can also add personal goals (for example, “run three time a week”) and it will automatically schedule them. Any events you make through Gmail are automatically added to your calendar. Another helpful feature is the aggregation of all calendars on your device. (Don’t worry Apple users, it’s available for iPhones and iPads.)

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