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Using the AT&T Pension Calculator

July 25th, 2018 | 2 min. read

By Jacob Schroeder

Using the AT&T Pension Calculator - image

As an AT&T employee, your pension will be one of your most important income sources in retirement. That makes your AT&T pension a good place to start when planning for your next act.

Running some pension estimates today can help you plan for tomorrow. You can see where you are now and what you may need to do — save more, work longer, etc. — to get to where you want to be. Fortunately, you have access to an online AT&T pension calculator to do just that.

Where to access AT&T pension information

Your pension administrator is Fidelity. Although a separate entity from AT&T, Fidelity has all of your personal information, such as service date, birth date and beneficiary information. Fidelity is who you would communicate with to obtain pension estimates for various retirement dates and other benefit information. You can find this information easily online at:

Using the AT&T pension calculator

In addition to your Pension Summary, your online account offers access to a calculator for estimating your pension payout. Simply select the “Estimate” tab from the Pension Summary page.

Using the AT&T pension calculator tool located on Fidelity’s website allows you to project different pension estimates at various dates in the future. It is important to recognize why working beyond various dates in the future can be advantageous for you.

What the calculator won’t tell you

The AT&T pension calculator, like most online retirement calculators, provide a rough sketch of your financial situation. There are many other factors that these programs may not take into consideration, such as your other assets, your spouse’s assets, Social Security, real estate, etc. Therefore, the information it provides should not be the determining factor you use to ultimately decide when to retire.

For a more comprehensive and more accurate picture of your retirement prospects, you need a plan. You can conveniently start building an investment plan right now with our investment planning tool.

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Start Your Free Investment Plan

Start by selecting a goal that is most important to you. You’ll be able to see if you’re on track and how simple adjustments can impact your ability to reach your goal. Once you’re ready, request a consultation, and a financial adviser will work with you to build a plan to help make your financial goals a reality.

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